Friday, January 4, 2019

The 2019 Nissan Sentra in Albuquerque, NM Battles the 2019 Kia Forte for Supremacy in the Sedan Market

The 2019 Nissan Altima in Albuquerque, NM Goes Up Against the 2019 Kia Optima for Top Sedan Ranking

The 2019 Nissan Altima in Albuquerque, NM is an extremely popular sedan thanks to its tried-and-tested combination of value, dependable performance, and practical features. If you’re investing in a sedan that you’ll be using for many years, however, it makes sense to buy the very best the segment can offer. 

Between the 2019 Kia Optima and the 2019 Nissan Altima, which midsize sedan will serve you better? Here’s a side-by-side comparison.
2019 Nissan Altima Albuquerque NM vs 2019 Kia Optima

Engine Comparison

The Nissan Altima’s turbo engine runs on premium diesel to perform at maximum capacity, so expect to spend more on gas compared to the Kia Optima which only requires regular unleaded. 

On top of being more cost-effective, the 2019 Kia Optima has 2.3 gallons more fuel capacity than the Nissan Altima, so you can drive farther without worrying about running out of gas.

The New Electric King: 2019 Kia Niro From Your Kia Dealership near Rio Rancho, NM

The 2019 Kia Niro from your local Kia dealership near Rio Rancho, NM is a mean, green, efficiency machine. Now available as a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid, it can go farther than many electric cars in the market today. It proves that eco-friendly vehicles don't have to be boring.  Sporty, sleek, and technologically advanced, the 2019 Kia Niro is a superb example of what electric cars should be.

2019 Kia Soul from Your Kia Dealership near Santa Fe, NM: The Compact Crossover that Will Rock Your World

Beneath its exciting new style, the 2019 Kia Soul from your local Kia dealership near Santa Fe, NM delivers an unmatched compact crossover performance.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Your Kia Dealership in Albuquerque, NM Offers the 2019 Kia Sportage and it’s Ready to Meet the Family!

The 2019 Kia Sportage from your Kia dealership in Albuquerque, NM is a smart, powerful, family-ready ride. It has none of the poor mileage and bloat of full-size SUVs, but packs a mean engine, refinements, and cutting-edge technology in one beautiful compact crossover.

The 2019 Kia Sportage is an excellent choice for everyone from single commuters to those searching for a second car, but it’s an especially appealing crossover for families.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The 2019 Kia Soul from your local Kia dealership near Rio Rancho, NM retains its upbeat charm, but don’t let that quirky style fool you. Its youthful, boxy shape instantly stands out from the crowd.
The newest Soul offers an available turbocharged engine and high-end features. These are all backed by excellent crash test scores and Kia’s stellar warranty, making it one cool ride.

The 2019 Kia Forte from your local Kia dealership near Santa Fe, NM promises a ride that you will never forget. After a couple of entries to the American compact car market, Kia finally hits the spot with its latest entry with a performance that can match with the best in its class.